Saturday, July 3, 2010

1000 messages

How can life choose to be so cruel, the signs, messages, the dirty looks and storms, the skies display to show off it's mood. Well, I'm angry too! Mad that I can't have what I want and if I get close to get it, somehow it drifts away and I blame the wind, for making my dreams far out of reach! I blame mother nature for the young mothers who are starting to have babies, younger than sixteen! Where is the message in that? Huh? Where is it at? Instead of an answer, lightning strikes from the heavens and lights go out and the bills arrive again. What am I going to do? Where is the sign in mother natures womb that say's life is hard! We come into the world, bare and eyes immature to everything around us, because we see life as beautiful; but then it turns its back on us! Show's us that everything good is just a picture and to actually relax and enjoy possibilities, we have to go through obstacles - boot camp! We have to get passed our teachers and follow their lead in order to be a leader, because when we're out on our own, life will change. The sun will come out and the birds will sing, but it's up to us, for this image to stay this way; because without the guidance to light, our world can be mighty dark.

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