Saturday, July 3, 2010

What would I do without my friends?

Friends are like family and my girls mean the world to me! All of us have some really good times, then bad, but I love them to death! My bestfriends are my sisters and I'm going to miss them when we have to split and go off to college! We've had some good times, I remember one time one of my bestfriends was mad one day and I tried to cheer her up and walked straight into DOG DOOODOO! Oh my goodness, I couldn't wear those shoes again! I'll miss times like that or my bestfriends enchiladas! I'll miss her promiscuous ways! haha and her crazy stories or ... wait. I can't blog it, but you guys know what I mean! I love my best friends and I hope we can grow old together and talk about times like these!

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