Thursday, July 8, 2010

To bestfriends

I'll keep your secret. I wont tell them and I promise not to judge or hold a grudge when you get mad at me. Life is too short anyway, I promise to keep and to have and not to share or exploit to others because that's not my job to do. Instead, I'll love you like a best friend, I'll keep you like an old doll that I have still in my corner. Confide everything in me, let me share your burden, take the pain away and while your living, I'll die. I'll do it just for you, I'll even give you my arm and my leg and promise you again that I'm strong and that I feel no pain because our bond as friends is worth more than life, more than dreams because love conquers all and no, not in a sick way. I don't have a thing for you, but I want you to know that I will always be there and if you want, you can lay your head on my shoulder, call me if you can't call the others and I'll listen. Even if your on the other line just breathing. I'll cry for you when you can't shed a tear because I hurt just the same and when you leave and go away, I'll stay, because when you come back, your going to need a friend and no matter how far San Francisco is, we're like boomarangs.

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